Viva Wallet offers two POS API integration options:

POS terminal apps

A POS API integration between mobile apps installed on the same Android device, i.e. the Viva Wallet card terminal app and a third-party app. It supports our A920, A910 and A80 terminals where it is pre-installed. It also works with any Android mobile device but in this case should be installed from Google Play. Bluetooth pairing with the our Mini Reader or Mini POS can then be performed making for a highly portable means of payment.

Find out more on the Viva Wallet Developer Portal

POS terminals

POS API integration over a TCP/IP connection. Any PC or device that is on the same network as the terminal may implement this API. It is usually used for ECR/ERP integrations.

Minimise customer serving times by integrating a cash register or ordering application with one of Viva Wallet’s POS terminals via one of the following APIs. Integration allows an application to initiate transactions on a Viva Wallet terminal and get informed on the result.

Find out more on the Viva Wallet Developer Portal

If you need to start from scratch with integrating your existing cash register or ordering application with a Viva Wallet card terminal, we recommend building your integration on the Viva Wallet API.

Cash registers or ordering applications that support other existing payment providers’ card terminals can also work with Viva Wallet card terminals if they have implemented one of the following APIs:

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