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Pocket Card Terminal - Activation Guide
Pocket Card Terminal - Activation Guide
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Step by step instructions:

To activate and use the Pocket Card Terminal, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Viva Terminal App from the Play store or App Store to your Android mobile phone/ tablet or iOS device.

  • Open the Bluetooth of your mobile/ tablet

  • Open the Viva Terminal App and sign-in

  • At a certain point you will be asked if you wish to link an external device. You can either select:

A. Set up a device

B. Skip and setup later

Upon selecting the "Set up a device" option you should follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Note that the pairing between Viva Terminal App and the Pocket Card Terminal can be made either via Bluetooth (wirelessly) or through a USB cable.

  1. As per guidance within the Viva Terminal App, select the "Pocket Card Terminal" in the message indicated.

2. Tap on "Bluetooth". On the Pocket Card Terminal press and hold the power button until the screen turns on.

3. Choose the correct S/N number on the list (the S/N number can be located on the lower left-hand side of the bottom face of the Pocket Card Terminal).

4. Select "Pair" twice so as to confirm pairing request.

5. Press the "Connect" button (green tick) on the Pocket Card Terminal in order to confirm pairing.

6. Pairing is successful.

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