In the following short video, you will learn how to activate your Pocket Card Terminal:

Step by step instructions:

To activate and use the Mini Card Reader, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Viva Wallet POS App from the Play store to your Android mobile phone/ tablet

  • Open the Bluetooth of your mobile/ tablet

  • Open the Viva Wallet POS App and sign-in

  • Select the country of your business

  • Choose the country code that your business operates

  • Fill in your mobile number to enter your Viva Wallet account

  • Fill in your password and press Login

  • Choose your business account

  • You will be asked to activate all the permissions as they appear on screen (Bluetooth, Location, File access) and press Next

  • Take the Pocket Card Terminal from its packaging and activate it by pressing continuously the Power button, until the screen lights up

  • Once the device gets activated, press «The Device is on»

  • During the loading process, it is advised to have the Pocket Card Terminal and the mobile/ tablet close to each other

  • The Viva Wallet Card Terminal will locate the Pocket Card Terminal as well as its serial number

  • Make sure the number that appears on the mobile/ tablet is the same as the serial number S/N on the back of the card terminal

  • Once you confirm that the serial number is correct press “Pair” and wait for the message to appear and to press √ (see image below)

  • Once the pairing process is completed and you receive the notification on your mobile/tablet, press Connect

  • Wait until the page with the amount of payment appears on your mobile/tablet


The card terminal is ready to use.

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