You can add your Viva Wallet Card on Apple Pay with one of the following two ways:

A. Add your Viva Wallet Card from the Viva Wallet App

  1. From the Viva Wallet app on your Device, choose the card you want to add on Apple Pay and press the “Add to Apple Wallet” button

  2. Choose the respective device that you wish to connect your card

  3. Tap Next to confirm adding your card on Apple Wallet

  4. Agree with Terms and Conditions

  5. Viva Wallet will verify your details and you will receive a push notification that your card is ready for use on Apple Pay

B. Add your Viva Wallet Card directly from Apple’s Wallet App

From the Wallet & Apple Pay App on your device follow these steps: 

  1. Press the "+" add button

  2. In the next step, select Viva Wallet or add another card

  3. Enter the card details and select  Next

  4. Viva Wallet will verify your details

  5. You will receive a 6-digit SMS code on the registered mobile phone that you have declared to Viva Wallet

  6. Enter the 6-digit code in the Apple Pay application and you are ready. 

For more information, about Apple Pay set up on your device, click here. 

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