You can quickly install our plugin for WooCommerce and start accepting payments through your e-shop in minutes!


  • Viva Wallet account and sandbox

  • PHP 5.4+ (you can see this under WooCommerce > Status)

  • WordPress 5.1+

  • WooCommerce 3+

  • An active domain name that points to your e-commerce site

  • Domain must have a valid SSL certificate

  • php cURL support


You can find detailed instructions for installing our plugin on the Viva Wallet for WooCommerce page.


What card number can I use for testing?







Any 3 digits

Any future date

When testing in demo mode enter the above in place of real card details. With this card you will be able to simulate a successful purchase.

*Any transactions attempted in a live integration/account using the test card will fail.

Can I test Apple Pay?

Yes, please visit Apple Pay Sandbox Testing.

How can I translate the plug-in?

See Generating a New Translation for instructions on how to support additional languages. Our translation template, Viva-Wallet-for-WooCommerce.pot
is available in the /languages directory of the plugin.

Is there any difference in the setup process between demo and live?

In both cases, the new payment source is activated immediately. However, on live, our team also checks the WooCommerce website assigned to the payment source in case of any potential issues.

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