Device based authentication for additional security of your account

Viva Wallet utilizes modern practices and provides you with a secure card account management environment.

Your Viva Wallet account allows you to transfer money from your account to other Viva Wallet accounts or bank accounts, view details about your balance and your transactions, manage your sales and pay your bills.

How do we ensure that no one can access your account except you?

Our goal is for your account entry to require a combination of information, thus provide a high level of security.

In order to log in, you need to enter your registered mobile phone number and your password, or if you are entering a mobile phone, the touch id (fingerprint recognition), once you have activated it.

Every time you enter your password to log in to your account, we check if the device (pc, tablet, mobile) you are using is connected to it, to ensure that the login attempt is made by you.

What's new in your account security?

In order to "approve" your account login, we check if the device from which you are trying to login is connected to it, consequently if you have used it again in the past to log in to your account.

If the device is not recognized as "relative" to this account, then you will automatically receive a notification by email or Push notification on your mobile phone, as long as you use the Viva Wallet app, which notifies you of the login attempt.

If you recognize the connection attempt from the new device, you don’t need to take any action. In case you do not recognize it, we recommend that you change your password immediately and inform us.

Even though entering your account remains a simple and fast action, the back-end audit that’s needed to be done is much more complex in order to increase the security of your accounts and your transactions.

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