To activate your Viva Wallet card terminal:

  1. Log in to your account to display your dashboard.

  2. Click on Sales > Physical Payments > Card Terminals (1) to display the card terminal list page:

3. Click on the New Card Terminal button (2) to display step 1 of the Activate new card terminal wizard:

4. Select your terminal model by clicking on its icon, then click on the Next button.
Step 2 of the wizard is displayed:

5. Enter your card terminal ID as requested and click on the Next button.
Step 3 of the wizard is displayed:

Before going any further you need to create a payment source:
- Click on +New Source
- Fill in your business information, select your address, then click on the Create button:

6. From the Link to Store (payment source) dropdown, select the source you just created:

7. Click on the Submit Activation Request button.
A confirmation message is displayed.

8. Click on the OK button.
The card terminal list page is displayed. The terminal you just registered will be shown with a status of 'Pending'. If you refresh the page, the status will change to 'Active':

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