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What should I do if I receive a dispute notification?
What should I do if I receive a dispute notification?
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We suggest that first of all you attempt to contact the customer. Often direct communication with a customer is sufficient to resolve a dispute immediately. Speaking about a dispute is useful in order to find out how it came about and to remind your customer of the transaction.

If the dispute has resulted from a misunderstanding, the cardholder can settle the dispute directly by contacting their bank and submitting the appropriate application to withdraw their complaint.

In cases where you have reason to believe the transaction shouldn't have been disputed, you should support your position by providing as much information as possible. Viva Wallet will guide you through the procedure, forward your supporting documents to the bank and notify you of the final outcome.

If you acknowledge that the transaction was correctly disputed, simply confirm via the account management interface and the amount will be refunded to your customer.

Please be aware that, in dispute scenarios, it's not possible for you to refund the amount to the customer directly.

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