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How do I monitor the process of a dispute?
How do I monitor the process of a dispute?
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A disputed transaction may be at a number of different stages depending on which actions are pending or complete. The following statuses are possible:

  • Disputed – a transaction that has been disputed is always marked 'Disputed'. You will receive an email notification with instructions regarding the documents that you must submit electronically.

  • Pending – a transaction dispute for which you have submitted supporting documents and/or is under consideration by Viva Payments is marked 'Pending'. If necessary, you may be asked to provide additional documents.

  • Awaiting decision – when the submission of the supporting documents is complete, Viva Payments submits them to the customer/cardholder's bank in order for a final decision and resolution of the dispute. This process may take up to six months.

  • Success – a transaction dispute for which the bank has accepted the relevant documentation you have submitted is marked 'Successful'. In this case, the amount originally withheld from your account, in order to return the money to the customer, is refunded in full and there is no financial charge.

  • Failed – a transaction dispute accepted by the bank is marked 'Failed'. In this case, you will be charged administrative fees, according to the applicable price list.

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