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How can I order a new business debit card?
How can I order a new business debit card?

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You can easily and quickly order a new card exclusively through your browser (it is impossible to order through the app).

To complete your card order, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your | Account and select ''Create Card''

  2. Choose ''Physical''

  3. Confirm your ''name''

  4. Type or choose your ''address''

  5. You choose the delivery method (express courier delivery is €9,99)

  6. Hit the ''Order'' button

When you select express delivery, you must fill in your phone number and email address.

Physical cards ordered after April 1st, 2024, will be charged a monthly fee of 2.99€ on the 1st calendar day of the month after their activation date.

The supported card scheme is exclusively Mastercard.

To start sending your card, you must have the corresponding amount available to pay for the card to start the sending process.

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