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What should I do to ensure secure mobile banking?
What should I do to ensure secure mobile banking?
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It’s important to remember that mobile devices are not immune to malware and other types of banking attacks. With this in mind, always use your bank’s mobile app, as apps tend to be more secure than mobile browsers. Mobile devices are also more susceptible to theft than PCs, so be sure to secure your device with a password, PIN or fingerprint to make it more difficult for thieves to access your data. For the ultimate layer of security, consider investing in proven mobile security software.

The mobile app combines the security of a bank account with the very latest mobile banking functionality. As far as security is concerned, there are no major differences between the security requirements for mobile banking and those for online banking. Nevertheless, you should still take into account our additional recommendations so that you can access your mobile banking services securely.

Lock your screen

We suggest making your smartphone more secure by adding a lock code, pattern or fingerprint. This helps make your banking app more secure, especially if you lose your smartphone.

Update your mobile operating system

We advocate regularly updating the software on your smartphone. Manufacturers frequently issue software updates to protect against new safety defects.

Be careful with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

We advise that you disable publicly accessible Wi-Fi connections and your device’s Bluetooth function before you make a mobile connection to your bank. Even if you’re using a private Wi-Fi network, you should check that it’s secured by the WPA2 system.

Protect your passwords and other credentials

Never save any bank-related passwords, usernames or PINs on your smartphone unless using a password storage facility like LastPass. If your phone is lost or becomes infected with malware, this will increase your risk of falling prey to cyber criminals.

Update your mobile banking apps

Always download banking apps and any other apps from the official manufacturers’ stores (the App Store for iOS devices or the Play Store for Android hardware). Be suspicious of any new unfamiliar apps. They can contain malware and facilitate access to sensitive details.

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