What is Apple Pay?

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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment tool given to Apple product users. Payments can be done online, in applications and in stores. When making a purchase, Apple Pay uses a number for the specific device and a unique transaction code. This way, your card number is never stored on your Apple device or Apple servers and, when the payment is done, card numbers are never disclosed by Apple to merchants.

How can I use Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay with one of the following ways:

  • iPhone - Keep your device close to the terminal and confirm the transaction using Touch ID or Face ID. You will see the "End" sign on the device screen.

  • Apple Watch - Hold your device close to the terminal and press the side button twice. You will feel a slight vibration when the transaction is confirmed.

  • iPad - From your iPad device, you can make purchases through the Apps.

  • In applications - Press the Apple Pay button or select Apple Pay as a payment method. Purchases through Apps are confirmed by Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone or iPad. For the Apple Watch, press the side button twice.

To see if your device is compatible, please click here. 

Which devices are compatible with Apple Pay?

The compatible devices are the following:

  • iPhone with Face ID

  • iPhone with Touch ID, except for the iPhone 5s

  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini with Touch ID or Face ID

  • Mac models with Touch ID or models released from 2012 and later with iPhone or Apple Watch that supports Apple Pay

  • Apple Watch - all models

To see if your device is compatible, follow the link.

What are the requirements to use Apple Pay?

  • Supported card (such as the viva.com card) as well as cards from other payment institutions worldwide that you will find here

  • The latest version of iOS, watchOS ή macOS

  • Apple ID (connected to iCloud)

Where can I use Apple Pay?

Wherever you see one of the following trademarks in physical stores


For online purchases and purchases through Apps wherever you see the following trademark


Are my card details secure in Apple Pay transactions?

When you use the Apple Pay app, your card number is never stored on Apple's device or servers, and when a payment is made, the card numbers are never shared by Apple to merchants, so your personal details are secure. You may visit Apple Pay Support for any queries. 

Are there any additional charges for Apple Pay transactions?

Viva.com does not charge any fees for Apple Pay transactions.

Where can I learn more about Apple Pay?

More information can be found on the Apple page.

How can I see my latest Apple Pay transactions?

You can see your last 10 Apple Pay transactions, including the merchant's details, in the "More Recent Transactions" section in the Wallet app.

What is a digital bank account number?

When you add your viva.com card to Apple Pay, an account number is created for that card on your device. This number is unique for your device and differs from your debit card number.

How do I lock Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is locked whenever your device is locked. For your own safety, your device's password, Touch ID, or Face ID is required for each purchase at the Apple Pay store.

Can I add my digital viva.com card in Apple Pay?

Once you've created your digital card, you can add it to Apple Pay, following the steps as described here.

How can I check that I have the right settings on my device?

Specific countries (such as United Kingdom) support Apple Pay. To see if the device has the right options, go to your device's Settings. Confirm that the default country is Greece or one of the supported countries you will find at the link.

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