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How can I view my debit card's PIN?
How can I view my debit card's PIN?

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In case you have forgotten your Business or Employee Card's PIN , you can check it via the App, by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your | Account

  2. Click on Card Details button

  3. Select Show PIN

  4. You will receive a Push Notification in your enrolled mobile device to authorize your request

  5. Select Authorize

Your Card's PIN will be displayed on the screen of your device for the next 10 seconds.

Card locked after entering incorrect PIN at a Card Terminal

For security reasons, your card will be locked if you enter the incorrect PIN code on a Card Terminal (POS) three times. You can reactivate your card at any ATM by entering the correct PIN.

Change Card's PIN

The card's PIN can be changed at ATMs that have the "Change PIN" menu option.

After successfully changing your PIN, it is visible when selecting the Show card details option and then Show PIN menu option in your | Account.

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