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How can I transfer funds to another bank?
How can I transfer funds to another bank?

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How can I make a bank transfer?

In order to transfer funds to another bank you need to know the beneficiary's name and the IBAN bank account number.

  • Select the: "Send Money" option on your Account homepage. 

  • Click on: "To Bank Account". 

  • Choose the: "Account to Charge" from where the amount to be transferred will be deducted. 

  • Select the Beneficiary (Account) that you want to transfer money to. If you have not transferred to this account before, select the: "Add Beneficiary" option, where you will be asked for the IBAN of the account, the name of the beneficiary, and a friendly description, that will help you identify them in the future. 

  • Enter the amount of the transfer. 

  • Type (required) a reason/description for your transfer. This reasoning will appear in the statement of the recipient's account.

  • Select: "Continue", where you will be asked to confirm the transfer details and any fees. 

  • After confirming the details, select: "Confirm Transaction".

  • Lastly, you will receive a push notification in your enrolled mobile device to authorize the outgoing bank transfer request. Select “Authorise”.

I cannot transfer funds to another bank account. What should I do?

Make sure that:

  • Your | Account is verified.

  • You have the available balance for the outgoing bank transfer command.

  • You provide the official Beneficiary Account Name (First, Last name or the full legal entity’s title) and match exactly the recipients' Bank Account full name or full legal entity’s title. By doing so, you eliminate the chance your bank transfer to be delayed or cancelled.

How long does it take for the outgoing bank transfer to be completed?

It normally takes 1 to 2 business days for the amount to de credited to the recipient's bank account.

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