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How do I set up a physical store/payment source?
How do I set up a physical store/payment source?


Updated over a week ago

To create a payment source:

  • Log in to your | Account to display your dashboard

  • Click on Sales > Physical Payments > Stores > Add Store

  • Fill in your business information and the preferred linked | Account in the pop up window

  • Select your address and Click on the Create button

In details:

  1. Code: It is created and completed automatically.

  2. Store Name: A friendly store description.

  3. Customer Description: It will appear on your customer's bank statement

  4. Linked account: The | Account to which the sales you make through this store will be credited.

  5. Store address: The address of your store.

  6. Tel. Number: The telephone number of your store

The physical store is already created!

By creating different stores through your business viva. com | Account, you can organize and manage your Sales transactions in the best way.

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