Go to Viva Wallet

To create a payment source:

  • Log in to your Viva Wallet account to display your dashboard

  • Click on Sales > Physical Payments > Stores > Add Store

  • Fill in your business information and the preferred linked Viva Wallet account in the pop up window

  • Select your address and Click on the Create button

In details:

  1. Code: It is created and completed automatically.

  2. Store Name: A friendly store description.

  3. Customer Description: It will appear on your customer's bank statement

  4. Linked account: The Viva Wallet account to which the sales you make through this store will be credited.

  5. Store address: The address of your store.

  6. Tel. Number: The telephone number of your store

The physical store is already created!

By creating different stores through your business Viva Wallet account, you can organize and manage your Sales transactions in the best way.

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