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I want a refund for a purchase I made. What should I do?
I want a refund for a purchase I made. What should I do?

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Updated over a week ago

If, for any reason, you would like to cancel a transaction you have made with a business for a product, we recommend that you first contact the business in writing requesting the cancellation of the transaction.

If you disagree with the merchant, you can request one of our representatives to dispute the transaction, stating why you wish to cancel the transaction/charge and forwarding the communication you had with the merchant.

The most common reasons for a dispute request are:

  • I did not receive the product/received another product, or a misleading product

  • I have paid another way (another card, cash, etc.)

  • I used another card or other means of payment (i.e., other card, other card, other payment, other card, other payment method)

  • I have been charged for a subscription which I have canceled

  • The credit I expect from the merchant has not been completed

The charges resulting from each chargeback are detailed in the Pricing List.

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