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I did not receive the One Time Password (OTP)
I did not receive the One Time Password (OTP)
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Updated over a week ago

The One Time Password is automatically sent to the registered mobile number. Make sure the mobile number you have entered is the correct one. If your contact information is accurate and you still haven’t received the OTP, you can request for the password to be resent.

In case the problem is not resolved, please check the following:

  1. If the password order has been sent through your web browser, switch to incognito window browser and try again. Additionally, you might find it helpful to clear the cache/cookies on your browser settings.

  2. If the password order has been sent through your Viva Wallet App, log in from your mobile browser/computer browser.

  3. If your password order has been sent through your mobile/computer browser, log in to your Viva Wallet App.

If you are still having issues receiving the OTP, you will have to check the following parameters and restart your device.

  1. If you are logged in to your WIFI network, try switching to mobile network 4G/5G.

  2. Have you blocked 5-digit numbers on your device?

  3. Do you receive other text messages without issues?

  4. Have you changed your registered contact information on the same day? If yes, it might take some time for the contact info to update.

  5. Are you using any additional application for calls and text messages that might store them in files or redirect them to junk messages?

Note: In case you have an older mobile device, the OTP message might be stored in your Inbox or Storage files.

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