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Integrating with | Smart Checkout

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What is Smart Checkout?

Smart Checkout is a straightforward method to integrate with to accept payments online for your online store. It involves minimal technical effort on your side and offers the widest variety of payment options and overall features.

Through our Smart Checkout, when your customer is ready to make the payment, you direct the customer to a special payment page hosted by, where the customer provides their payment details and makes the payment. Once the customer completes the payment, they are redirected back to a success (thank you) page of your choice.

Smart Checkout has 3DS support which provides strong security for both merchants and cardholders. Merchants have the ability to request cardholder authentication from issuers, therefore minimising fraud exposure. Cardholders with 3DS-enrolled cards can be certain that no transactions will be authorised without their consent.

How can I style / change the language on my Smart Checkout?

You can amend the design, color and language of your Smart Checkout page as well as to add you brand logo. For a detailed guide for the Smart Checkout Functionality & Options visit the Smart Checkout Functionality & Options on Developer Portal.

Where can I find the API Access on my account?

To locate the API Access menu on your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Log to your | Account via browser

  2. Select Settings and API Access

Find out more

For a detailed step-by-step guide to implementing our Smart Checkout solution, please visit Integration flow instructions on Developer Portal.

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