The Viva Wallet Virtual Terminal (also referred to as ‘web POS’) is an online POS system that allows you to receive remote payments via a debit, credit or prepaid card. It provides your business with the functionality of a physical card acceptance terminal, without the customer needing to be physically at your premises.

Virtual Terminal is available only with certain account types. Please contact us through live chat to find out whether your business is eligible.


  • Sales executed through the virtual terminal are processed, cleared and credited to your accounts on the next day*.

  • You can access your trading history at any time by selecting the ‘Sales’ category.

  • Under the same category, you can also access additional features including cancellations, reversals and charges.

Find out more

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the Viva Wallet Virtual Terminal, please visit our Getting started page on Viva Wallet Developer Portal.

*Merchants' accounts are excluded depending on the risk of their business activity.

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