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I would like my personal details to be deleted
I would like my personal details to be deleted
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I would like to delete my personal details. What should I do?

Regarding the deletion of your data, our company is obliged to maintain Users' data, as well as the attempted and/or performed Transactions through its systems, for the minimum periods already provided by the current legislation, as stated in the Terms of Use of the service (par. 8.8).

It, therefore, retains the data, even in the case of the contractual relationship's final termination between VIVA PAYMENTS and the User for any reason, and/or permanent deactivation of and the VIVA payment methods the user had activated under it.

If you need any further clarification, you may contact's Data Protection Officer either via E-mail at or by post in the following address:

Amarousiou - Chalandriou 18-20

151 25 Marousi - Attica


Please note that if you send a specific request to the Data Protection Officer, your request will be answered within one to three months from the date of submission, in accordance with the provisions of the data protection legal framework.

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