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How do I verify my account through video call?
How do I verify my account through video call?
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In order to verify your Viva Wallet business account, you need to complete the Video ID call step in the verification page. This type of verification requires an active camera on your device and access to microphone.

In case no camera is detected, the system informs you to complete the process from another device through the Viva Wallet application.

To complete the video call process, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Country that issued the ID document

  • Choose the ID type

  • Enter/ Review and edit the ID number if you have updated

  • Click on the action button "start process"

The system will connect you with a Viva Wallet representative and during the video you will be guided to:

  1. Display the document for the required photos

  2. Hold the registered mobile number for an OTP verification

NOTE: To complete the video call, the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

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