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What is the Payment Notification?
What is the Payment Notification?
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With Payment Notifications you can:

Request payment for a specific amount from a customer into your | Account. The customer receives the payment notification in his/her email inbox and is being redirected to our Smart Checkout page to proceed to the payment.

How can I send a payment notification?

1. Login to your | Account from a browser

2. Click on the Request money tab at the top of the page

3. Click on the New Notification button

The New Payment Notification page is displayed

4. Complete the mandatory fields:

  • Your reference – to help you identify the payment

  • Amount – enter amount greater than 30¢/30p

  • A short payment description - the description to display to the customer

  • Customer Name

  • Customer e-mail

  • Source – select ‘Default’ unless you have set up a separate payment source for this payment channel.

  • Repeat - this toggle dictates whether repeat (recurring) payments are allowed after the initial payment notification has been paid

5. Click on the Send Notification button

The payment notification will be sent to the customer’s email address, and will proceed to the payment on the Smart Checkout page.

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