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How do I activate the | Terminal?
How do I activate the | Terminal?
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In this article, you will find all the necessary information you need to activate the | Terminal on your Android Mobile device or Ciontek Card Terminal.

  1. Download and open the | Terminal App

  2. Choose the option "Sign in" and

  3. Tap on the button "Activate your Terminal".

There are two ways to activate | Terminal:

A. Log into your | Account

  1. Select "Sign in"

  2. Tap Continue

  3. Enter your credentials (registered mobile number and password)

  4. Type the 6-digit code (OTP), received in your registered mobile number

  5. Select the Account to connect to and tap Continue

B. Use an activation code

  1. Select "Activate with a device code"

  2. Tap Continue

  3. The Activation Code will appear on the screen of your Mobile Device or Card Terminal

  4. In your | Account, navigate to "Sales / Physical Payments/ Card Terminals and select "+New Card Terminal"

  5. In this step, fill in the activation code that appeared on the screen of your Mobile Device or Card Terminal

  6. Once you fill in the Activation Code in your | Account, you will be notified to tap continue on your Mobile Device or Card Terminal


If you need further assistance for the steps you have to follow in your | Account, you can visit the article: How do I connect the card terminal to my account?

When A or B ways of activating | Terminal app are completed, you will be notified on your Android Mobile Device or Card Terminal Screen that the activation process is completed and 2 steps will be required to follow.

1. You will have to provide your agreement on the following Device permissions:

  • Allowing | Terminal app accessing your device's location

  • Enabling storage access and Notifications

  • Optional Step: Setting up pin protection (you can skip this step and set it up later)

2. Activating Additional Payment Methods:

  • Select Continue to activate Tap to Pay

  • Optional: One the next screen you can connect an external device, if required (Mini Card Reader or Pocket Card Terminal). Otherwise you can skip this step.

  • Enabling QR Codes: by enabling QR Codes you offer a unique payment experience to your customer

Upon the completion of the above steps of the | Terminal app in your Android Mobile Device or Card Terminal, your device will be ready to use!

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