If you are an employee or an account user, select the 2nd option from the following screen of your device and tap on Continue.

  • You should check the activation code on the device screen and share it with the account owner. By selecting the icon below, you can share the password through the available applications on your device.

Then the business owner should proceed to the following steps immediately.

  • Logs in to the Viva Wallet Banking app

  • Taps the Activate Viva Wallet POS button in the Preferences option

  • Enters the activation code to the respective field and select Activate Viva Wallet POS

The activation is complete in the account, and you should finish it on the Viva Wallet POS app.

You will get a confirmation message on your mobile device informing you on the account you want to activate the Viva Wallet POS app to and tap on Continue.

  • Wait a few seconds and the application is being activated.

In both cases, if during activation the device's permissions need to be activated, you should follow the screen below to enable them.

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