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How do I activate the Mini Card Reader?
How do I activate the Mini Card Reader?
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Before activating the Mini Card Reader you will need to download the | Terminal to your smartphone by following the steps as described here.

Once you have completed the process follow the instructions below to pair the Mini Card Reader with your device.

  • Turn on the bluetooth of your device

  • Take your device out of the box and turn it on by pressing the Power button until the LED blinks red

  • Once the device is on, tap “Next” on the app screen and you will see a device search screen

  • Bring your device next to the terminal

  • Tap the option Mini Card Reader

  • Confirm that the Serial Number matches the Serial Number (S/N) on your Mini Card Reader and tap on Connect

  • Press the button on the left hand side of the terminal and tap on Pair

  • Repeat the previous action by pressing the same button

When the updates are completed, your terminal will be ready for use!

See the detailed video of activating | Terminal and pairing the Mini Card Reader:

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