You have two options to complete the activation of Pocket Card Terminal:

  1. via bluetooth and using the Viva Wallet POS application

  2. through the use of the pre-installed SIM card in Standalone mode (the installation of the Viva Wallet POS application is not required)

Via bluetooth

Before activating the Pocket Card Terminal you will need to download the Viva Wallet POS app to your smartphone by following the steps as described here.

Once you have completed the process follow the instructions below to pair the Pocket Card Terminal with your device.

  • Turn on the bluetooth of your device

  • Take your device out of the box and turn it on by pressing the ON button continuously

  • Once the device is on, tap “Next” on the app screen and you will see a device search screen

  • Bring your device next to the terminal

  • Tap the option Pocket Card Terminal

  • Confirm that the Serial Number matches the Serial Number (S/N) on your Pocket Card Terminal and tap on Connect

  • Press the green button V of the terminal and tap on Pair

When the updates are completed, your terminal will be ready for use!

Standalone mode

In the following short video, you can find detailed instructions on how to activate your Pocket Card Terminal:

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