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Can I recall an outgoing bank transfer order?
Can I recall an outgoing bank transfer order?
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A bank transfer can be cancelled only during the timeframe between submitting it and it being executed.

Under some circumstances we may attempt to recall it, however a successful outcome depends on the beneficiary institution’s cooperation.

In general, there can be several reasons for recalling a bank transfer. Some common situations are:

  • I sent a bank transfer to the wrong beneficiary/ I sent a bank transfer, but the amount is incorrect.

The easiest way to retrieve funds is to ask the recipient to pay you back the amount. If the transfer should be reversed for another reason, please start a chat conversation through your Viva Wallet account and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

  • I sent a bank transfer, but the beneficiary account details are incorrect

If the recipient account is either incorrect, closed, or non-existent, the transfer should automatically return to your account, usually within 5 days. You will see the transaction notification in your Viva Wallet account’s feed.

Please keep in mind that during a bank transfer recall, additional fees might arise from the recipient and/ or 3rd party institutions.

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