What steps should I follow during the registration process?
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Upon completing the Natural Person registration form, you will start filling in the Merchant Registration Form.

1. Select your “Country of Business Establishment” and “Business type”.

2. Identify your business through Registration Number or Business Name.

3. The systems proceeds to the relevant checks in the background, and you are being informed once your company has been identified. Alternatively, if no results come up, you need to enter your business details manually.

4. Once you select your business, you will be asked to follow the standard Merchant Registration Form.

If you proceed by filling in your details manually, you will be asked to;

  • Select the country where your business headquarters are situated in, enter the Trade Name, and Continue.

  • Enter the legal name, Registration/VAT number, and select the type of Legal Entity from the list.

  • Select a merchant category and business activity.

  • Provide the required details regarding the Business Structure.

  • State if you are an authorized business representative to open an account, and press Continue.

  • Enter the business’s Registration/VAT number.

  • Provide the required details regarding the business’s trading activity and financial profile.

  • If your business’s legal entity is SA, please provide the required details regarding its listing or not listing in the Stock Exchange.

  • Provide the additional details required regarding the business (presence abroad, any subsidiaries etc.).

  • Enter the company Headquarters Address.

  • Proceed to the Addition of Related Persons and provide all the required details.

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