The Video ID Verification Service is 24/7 available and the steps you have to follow in order to proceed with the document verification process, are:

  1. Read and Accept Electronic ID’s terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy)

  2. Once the settings have been configured, you will be asked to choose the document that you wish to proceed with, as well as the issuing country. (Due to the Qualified Electronic Signature regulations, you will not be able to proceed with Driver’s License.)

  3. The system will inform you on the requirements that are needed to go through with the Video ID process:

    a. A well-lit place
    b. The original document, valid and without covers
    c. Wi-Fi connection or maximum 4G coverage

  4. You will also be asked to provide access to device’s microphone and camera

  5. Once the Video ID process starts, you will be asked to:
    a. Show the front of the document and fit it to the frame
    b. Rotate it and show the back side of the document
    c. Look at the Camera and Smile at the Video
    d. Upon the completion of the Video ID process, you will receive an OTP password on your mobile. After filling the OTP password, the Video ID is completed.

Upon Successfully completing the Video ID process, you will be asked to wait for Electronic ID to approve the Video you submitted, in order to proceed to the next step of the Qualified Electronic Signature >

You should remain on this screen for up to 5 minutes and don’t close the window, in order to avoid repeating the above steps.

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