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What we call as Beneficiaries?

The term "Beneficiaries" refers to a list of people and organizations you transfer money to regularly. You may add several IBAN accounts to the "Beneficiaries" list, and save them with the Beneficiary's full details.


You need to make sure that you provide the official Beneficiary Account Name (First, Last name or the full legal entity’s title) and match exactly the recipients' Bank Account full name or full legal entity’s title.

By doing so, you eliminate the chance your bank transfer to be delayed or cancelled.

Steps in detail

In order to amend the Beneficiary's Name in your Viva Wallet Business Account, please follow the below steps.

  • Log in to your account, and from your selfcare's main menu select "Beneficiaries".

  • You may amend the "Beneficiary" name by clicking the corresponding option as shown below.

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