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Viva Wallet Mobile App - Mobile Device Enrollment
Viva Wallet Mobile App - Mobile Device Enrollment
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To maximize the security of your transactions and your account, you receive through Viva Wallet Mobile App, pop-up notifications (push notifications) for requests regarding: account login, online transactions, outgoing bank transfers, etc.

Specifically, push notifications are sent exclusively to the registered mobile device. You should then enter the Viva Wallet Mobile App to approve or reject the respective requests.

Viva Wallet is aligned with the 3D - Secure protocol and the PSD2 directive.

How can I register/enroll my mobile device?

When you first download and run Viva Wallet Mobile app on your Android/iOS mobile device, you will need to perform the following actions:

Α. Type your login details (registered mobile number and password)

B. Enter the 6-digit OTP code received in your mobile number

C. Login to your Viva Wallet account via Viva Wallet Mobile app by selecting the respective account, and enable push notifications on your mobile device.

D. You will be asked to pair your mobile device with Viva Wallet Mobile app. To do so, you should enter the 6-digit OTP code to confirm your selection.

By competing the steps above, you will have successfully enrolled your mobile device.


How can I authorisae a login attempt or a payment/transfer?

Whenever you login to your Viva Wallet account via a web browser or make online payments/transfers you need to:

  • Tap on the notification received on your mobile device and view the approval request.

  • Log in to the Viva Wallet Mobile app using mobile phone's biometrics (Face ID/ Touch ID), if enabled.

  • Review the request (Authorise or Reject).

  • Once authorizing the request, you will be logged in to your account.


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