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How can I open a Viva Wallet business account in Denmark?
How can I open a Viva Wallet business account in Denmark?
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1. Go to > click Create an Account.

2. Fill in your Country of residence.

3. You will be prompted to Continue with NemID or MitID. Alternatively, you may click on ”Continue”, and type your personal details manually.

If you select to continue with NemID or MitID you will be redirected to its web page.

  • Enter your mobile phone number and will receive a push notification.

  • If you are not registered to the NemID or MitID application yet, find useful information here: NemID / MitID

  • Follow the steps in the NemID or MitID application to complete the procedure. You will be asked to confirm that some of your personal details will be shared with Viva Wallet.

  • Once finished you will be redirected to the Viva Wallet sign up page where you consent Viva Wallet receiving some of your personal info from NemID or MitID.

  • Proceed to the next steps and you will notice that some of your personal information are already pre-filled (e.g., Full Name, Birth Date, SPR Number, etc.).

Fill in your personal details manually

If you select to proceed manually to the next steps, you will be prompted to fill in your personal details:

  • Fill in your email and then personal details, City of birth and Country of nationality.

  • In case of multiple nationalities, you will have to fill in up to 3.

  • Fill in your residence address details

  • Fill in your mobile phone number.

  • If you also have the American nationality, you will have to declare it along with your SSN or ITIN.

  • Fill in your Country of tax liability and Tax ID number

  • Set your password and consent to the Terms and Conditions

  • Enter the onetime password that you received on your mobile phone

After successfully entering the onetime password there will be a message informing you that your "personal account' has been created.

When asked if you wish to use the account for business purposes, select YES and Continue.

  • Select the country where your business headquarters are situated in, enter the Trade Name, and Continue.

  • Enter the legal name, Registration/VAT number, and select the type of Legal Entity from the list.

  • Select a merchant category and business activity.

  • Provide the required details regarding the Business Structure.

  • State if you are an authorized business representative to open an account, and press Continue.

  • Enter the business’s Registration/VAT number.

  • Provide the required details regarding the business’s trading activity and financial profile.

  • If your business’s legal entity is SA, please provide the required details regarding its listing or not listing in the Stock Exchange.

  • Provide the additional details required regarding the business (presence abroad, any subsidiaries etc.).

  • Enter the company Headquarters Address.

  • Proceed to the Addition of Related Persons and provide all the required details.

  • The creation of your account has been completed and you can now log in.

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