Cancel/Refund a Transaction
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Cancel/refund a transaction through | Terminal

Locate the transaction

To cancel/refund a transaction through | Terminal, you should first locate the transaction. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Via the Transactions Menu

    1. Select the "Transactions" option at the bottom of the screen.

    2. You can find and select the relevant transaction. Use the filters button at the top-right hand side in order to locate the transaction more easily. The available filters are: ​Card Number, Order Code, Type of Transaction and the Time Period

  2. Via the Refund Menu

    1. Select "Refund" at the bottom of the screen.

    2. On the next screen you can use the available filters to find the correct transaction. As another option, you can click on the "Read customer card" option to read a card via NFC and display all transactions for that specific card.

Cancel/Refund a transaction

  1. Confirm that you have selected the correct transaction. Click on "Start Refund".

  2. For previous days transactions (i.e. cleared funds), you can select the amount to refund, up to the amount of the original transaction.
    For same-day transactions, the full amount must be refunded (a ‘cancellation’). Tap on "Continue" button.

  3. Review the details of the refund and click the "Refund" button to confirm.

Once the refund is complete, a respective indication will be shown on the screen. You can either send or print the receipt.

Cancel/Refund a Transaction through the | Account

To refund or cancel a transaction through your | Account, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your | Account

  2. Select Sales and Sales Transactions

  3. Find the desired transaction and select Refund

  4. Enter the amount to be refunded, the merchant reference (optional) and select OK.

The amount to be refunded needs to be lower than or equal to the original transaction. The selected amount will be credited back to the cardholder's account, and any commission taken for the payment will be reimbursed.

To complete the refund/ reversal, the | Account should be verified and the account's available amount should be greater than the transaction's amount. Disputed transactions cannot be refunded while the dispute is ongoing.

A refund on the | Account is instant and is down to the issuer's internal rules on how long a refund takes to process. Your customer should contact their bank for the refund timescales.

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