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In this article, you will find all the necessary info you need to use MOTO in your Cionteck card terminal and/or mobile phone tablets ' | Terminal'.

With MOTO you can take payments manually by entering the customer's card details, which is useful especially for telephone-based payments.

💡 Useful Information!

MOTO / Over-the-phone payment is a special feature granted to specific merchant categories upon request to our Customer Support Team and following a full approval process.

​The Ciontek card terminals are:

  • Ciontek CS30PRO

  • Ciontek CS30PRO with a professional scanner

  • Ciontek CS50C

Activate MOTO

Given that you have received the approval, the MOTO activation can take place during the initial setup and activation of the | Terminal.

If you did not activate MOTO at that time, you can do this later within the | Terminal.

MOTO Transaction

In order to enter card details manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "More" option from the main screen.

  2. Tap on "Payment Methods".

    3. Choose "Enter card details".

    4. Return to the main screen, enter the required payment amount and select the "Charge" button.

5. On the "Enter customer card details" screen, enter customer's:

  • Card number

  • Expiration date

  • CVV

    and select "Charge".

Upon successful completion of the transaction, a respective indication will be shown on the screen.

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