How to setup MOTO for | Terminal
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During the activation of the terminal, the | Terminal prompts the user to set up ways to get paid.

One of these methods is MOTO which allows the device user to accept payments by entering the card details manually without the card being present during the transaction.

To setup MOTO, after activating the app and allowing the mandatory permissions you reach the Setup your | Terminal screen.

  1. Tap the Setup your Terminal button.

  2. Tap Continue.

  3. On the next screen, you can either connect an external device for chip & PIN transactions - if needed - or you can skip this step and setup later. Tap Continue.

  4. On the MOTO screen, select the Activate MOTO option and Continue.

💡 Useful Information!

MOTO / Over-the-phone payment is a special feature granted to specific merchant categories upon request to our Customer Support Team and following a full approval process.

If you do not wish to activate MOTO during activation, you can do this later within the | Terminal.

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