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In this article, you will find all the necessary info you need to charge a card on your Ciontek card terminal and/or mobile phone or tablet ' | Terminal'.

The Ciontek card terminals are:

  • Ciontek CS30PRO

  • Ciontek CS30PRO with a professional scanner

  • Ciontek CS50C


To charge a card through | Terminal, follow these steps below:

1. Sign into the | Terminal.

2. Enter the amount on the app's home screen.

3. Ask the cardholder to tap the card on the back of your device.

4. Once the transaction is successfully completed, a relevant message will appear on the screen.

5. You have the option to print, share, or send the transaction receipt.

In case you want to find and print/ share the transaction details after the transaction is completed you can follow the steps as described below.

Transactions list

In order to find past transactions and their details, you can:

1. Select the Transactions option.

2. Select All transactions.

3. Filter by Period.

4. Select the transaction and you can Print or Share it.

Sale with Tip

In order to add a tip during a card charge you must activate the Tipping option.

1. Tap on More.

2. Tap on Tipping.

3. Toggle on Tipping.

4. Select the tipping options that you wish. The available options are:

  • Percentage of the transaction amount. By default, you will see 15%, 20%, and 25% but you can change them as you wish. Once enabled, this option prompts the cardholder to select the amount percentage they wish to tip with

  • Allow custom amounts. Once enabled, this option allows the cardholder to enter the tip amount they wish

  • Round tip up. Once enabled, this option disables all other tipping options and asks the cardholder if they wish to have a tip automatically added to the amount necessary to round up to the nearest full amount.

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