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ISV Partner Program
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What is the ISV Partner Program?

The ISV Payment Partner Program enables ISVs to enhance their software or platform by integrating payment processing capabilities for seamless payments, empowering their customers to accept payments efficiently and securely. You can make your products available to merchants within the EEA without the requirement to expand your operations beyond your country with our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner program. By having handle fee collection from your merchants, there is no necessity for you to establish a local presence in every country. Enhance your business by integrating new features, distinguishing your business model, and expanding your operations, all while receiving support from

How to register to the ISV Partner program?

To register to our ISV Partner Program, you should complete the ISV application form here.

How can you onboard merchants in the ISV Partner Program?

ISVs can onboard new merchants with an invite that contains instructions on how to join the program. The invitation will allow the merchant to integrate the ISV's payment services into their business. Merchants will need to follow the provided steps in the invite to set up their account, provide the necessary information, and configure payment settings. You may find more details on our dedicated page click here.

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