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Where can I see my sales transactions?
Where can I see my sales transactions?
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Where can I see my sales transactions of my | Account?

Login through Web Browser

In order to see the sales transactions of your | Account through a web browser, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Sales and Sales Transaction

  2. Choose the preferred time period under the Show Sales field

  3. Click on Search

You will find the details of all transactions related to your sales, i.e. money you receive from your customers such as:

  • Charges

  • Cancellations

  • Pre-authorizations

  • Refunds

Cancelled transactions are shown in red and refunds in green. You can search and organise your transactions using the various search criteria and filters by clicking on the Advanced Search Option.

In the Remarks column, you can view the classifications according to the status of each transaction.

Login through App

Sales Transactions can be found under "Sales" option. The customer loads the graph page, and the latest activity. He/she can modify the search (30 days, 7 days, custom), and set different search criteria such as:.

  • Daily sales transactions

  • Weekly sales transactions

  • Monthly sales transactions

  • Yearly sales transactions

  • Gross sales

  • All or specific sources of income (physical stores, e-shops etc.)

  • All or specific channels of transactions (terminals, e-shops etc.) | Terminal

You can locate the Sales Transactions on your | Terminal app, under the Transactions option. You may find a detailed guide on our article here: Transaction List.

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