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What is the Remote Identity Verification field?
What is the Remote Identity Verification field?
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What is the Remote Identity Verification field?

The Remote Identity Verification field is mandatory for business account users in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium. To use it, you must provide a valid ID through an unassisted video process.

How it works?

  1. Login to your | Account via browser.

  2. Select the field Remote Identity Verification field.

  3. Click the Continue button, and a second screen will appear advising you to have the identification document available.

4. When the «Start» button is selected, you will be redirected to Veriff.

5. You will be guided through your smartphone device.

6. If no smartphone device is available, the process can be completed through a computer.

7. Allow access to the device’s camera.

8. Present the front and back sides of the identification document.

9. Once you feel comfortable that the picture will suffice to complete the process, click on the Take Photo button.

In case the picture does not meet the required criteria, then an error screen appears, asking you to repeat the process and provide some visual examples of the acceptable format of the picture.

10 . When the quality of the picture is acceptable, then the following success message appears.

11. Finally, the procedure is sent to Veriff for the automated checks to be completed.

Approval Time

In most cases, the procedure is completed within a few seconds.

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