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What is the Tier Pricing Model?
What is the Tier Pricing Model?
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How the Tier Pricing Model works:

The Tier Pricing model allows | Terminal users to secure a customized monthly pricing pack, by autonomously selecting their monthly transaction volume commitment. That means that the higher the monthly transaction volume commitment, the lower the fees.

Tier Pricing Model requirements:

The Tier Pricing Model is offered for Card Present and Card Not Present transactions taking place with domestic consumer cards.

Transactions taking place with other cards are cleared with the default pricing model and fees are differentiated according to the card scheme, the type of card and payment used. You can see more information here.

How to select the Tier Pricing:

All users are assigned the default pricing plan at first but can opt to the Tier Pricing.

  • Login to your account

  • Select Settings > Pricing

  • Click on the Get Tailored price.

  • See the available options depending on your monthly transaction volume commitment.

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