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How to upgrade from a Business Profile to a Business Account
How to upgrade from a Business Profile to a Business Account
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If you decide to upgrade your Business Profile, you can do so upon login to your Business Profile selfcare. 

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Only the profile administrator can request the upgrade.

What is the difference between a Business Profile and a Business Account? Business Profile:

  • Does not have a payment account

  • Does not have business card issuing capability Business Account:

  • Has card issuing capability

  • Has an associated payment account

Who is eligible for a Business Account?

Only Business Profile holders can upgrade to Business Account.


You can request to upgrade via Self Care, under Settings > Products. Then select “Request now” for the Payment Account.

After you click on the “Request now” button, a pop-up appears where you must agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

At this point, the system will check whether there is any additional data you have to submit and if so, you will be redirected to the Customer data update process.

If any KYC proofs are pending or any additional KYC Proofs are to be submitted (you will be redirected to the identification screen, and the verification status will show as Pending.

💡 Useful Information!

During this process, you will be able to accept payments as normal.

After the upgrade is completed by the system, then the status on the "Products" page becomes Active. You will also receive a success E-mail informing you.

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