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MasterCard MoneySend and Visa Direct
MasterCard MoneySend and Visa Direct
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The MasterCard MoneySend and Visa Direct services allow merchants to refund their customers with any eligible MasterCard/Maestro or Visa debit, credit, or prepaid card.

The most important benefit is the ability for merchants to complete the refund in near real-time to a MasterCard or Visa card, which usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Activation Process

You can request the activation via chat after logging in to your account or through e-mail at

To request the activation you have to provide the below information:

  • Estimation number of standalone refunds (yearly): € xxx

  • Estimation value of standalone refunds (yearly): € xxx

  • The average value of a standalone refund: € xxx



Mastercard (including Maestro)




Other card schemes

Not Supported

Payment Types

This service is available with Card Present (CP) and Card Not Present (CNP) / e-commerce payments. This applies to various card transactions (i.e. card charges, card recurring payments, card installments, digital wallet payments, MOTO payments, etc).

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