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Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
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The Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) feature is designed to provide cardholders with the convenience of paying for goods and services in their native currency while making purchases abroad. This feature will support transactions both where the card is physically present (Card Present) and in digital transactions (Card Not Present).

How DCC works

  • Merchant charges the amount to the customer

  • The customer taps his card or mobile device

  • The customer chooses which currency to pay with (customer can check the exchange and the markups so he can choose what suits him best)

  • The payment is completed

Sales transaction with Card Present

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Sales transaction with Card not Present

A screenshot of a mobile application

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Refund or cancel for online payments is possible through the Selfcare, from your Account, where the relevant information about the conversion is visible

How you can enable the DCC service

The feature can be enabled and disabled by the merchant by raising a request to Customer Support

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