New Card Fees - Pricing FAQs
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1. Why did the card delivery options change?

The delivery of the card merged into one, from the two previously provided methods of delivery and changed to express for the benefit of the customer to receive in no more than in 6 working days.

2. I am already a customer and I need to order a new physical card. Do monthly fees apply to me?

When ordering a physical card, a monthly subscription of 2,99 euros is applied for both new and existing customers.

3. How can I avoid the 2.99€ monthly fees?

You can easily create a digital card that can be used for online transactions. Additionally, it can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay. This allows for contactless transactions when making purchases through card terminals, as it is linked to the Primary wallet of your business account. You can issue up to 4 digital cards.

4. Why do I have to pay for a monthly subscription when I already have a card?

This card retains some expenses for its plastic form and the monthly fees are balancing these costs. Besides, when using it, you can take advantage of the cashback functionality plus you can withdraw up to the first 1,000 € per calendar month for free.

The monthly fees cover production costs and offer benefits like cashback program and free withdrawals up to 1,000 € per month.

5. I noticed that withdrawals are being charged differently now when use my card. Can you explain why this happened?

The first 3 cash withdrawals or the first 1,000 € per calendar month are free, which saves you from any extra, unwanted fees. After reaching this maximum amount, you’ll be charged with 2% of transaction value (minimum 1 €, maximum 5 €)

6. Which card do you recommend that I should order: a digital business debit card or a physical one?

The digital business debit card can be ordered and used instantly and for free. It can also be added easily to Google Pay/Apple Pay for purchases or even withdrawals (coming soon). In contrast, the physical one includes the costs of a tool that can be used in the same way.

7. Will the new fees also apply to the employee cards?

When ordering a physical employee card, a monthly subscription fee of 2,99 euros is applied for both our new and existing customers. However, you can always create a digital employee card for free, without any monthly fees.

8. I already have a physical card from a different bank and I am not being charged any fees. Why are you charging me?

These fees cover the costs of creating and embossing the plastic physical card. Every financial institution follows its own pricing policy. Remember that you can always create a digital debit card instantly and for free.

9. Are there any other fees being adjusted or applied to my account?

To always stay up to date with pricing changes, simply follow this link Pricing and Fees - to be redirected to pricing table on our website. Simply choose your country and review the pricing table accordingly.

10. I have ordered a physical debit card on the 31st of March. Will I be charged a monthly fee?

Every card that has been ordered before the 1st of April 2024, will not be charged a monthly fee, regardless of the activation date.

11. Where can I find more info about the updated Terms & Conditions?

You can find the updated Terms and Conditions on our website. Feel free to click on the link below to be redirected to the relevant page. Terms and Conditions -

12. Will you charge me if I withdraw cash using my Physical Debit Card at an ATM? will charge you 2% of the cash withdrawal amount with a minimum charge of 1€ and a maximum charge of 5€ (or the equivalent based on your local currency). More details about Pricing can be found on our website by following this link: Pricing and Fees -

Please note that the first 3 cash withdrawals or the first 1000€ per calendar month are free.

Any other charges that might occur will depend on the pricing of the bank owing the ATM network.

13. I completed a transaction today and I got charged an additional 0.05€. What is this amount?

This is a charge applied by the merchant with whom you completed the transaction on, and it covers the verification processing costs of your debit card.

14. I had to issue a refund to a customer, and I noticed that you charged me an additional 0.30€ for the refund. What is this amount?

Based on our Pricing Policy, there is a 0.30€ fee applicable to any refunds issued (or the equivalent in your local currency). You can find out more about our Pricing Policy by following the link provided: Pricing and Fees -

15. Other banks offer additional benefits when I pay a monthly fee (e.g. Revolut). What alternatives do you offer to encourage me to continue using your products and services? offers cutting-edge technology, including the | Terminal app, enabling you to accept payments on any device. We provide stability and 24/7 support, ensuring personalized and swift solutions to every issue. New services are constantly added, based on customers’ feedback, like the Real-Time Settlement to ensure your funds are available within an hour and the Offline transactions, to make sure you’ll never miss a sale even when the internet is down. .

16. Are there any fees for the replacement of my debit card?

There are no fees for replacing your debit card. However, you cannot directly replace your card. Instead, you can either order a new physical card with the respective delivery option or instantly order a digital card for free.

17. My card was withheld by the ATM machine during my attempt to withdraw money. Am I going to be charged for a new order of a card?

You can order a replacement card, either physical or digital, whenever you wish. There will be no additional charges for the replacement of the lost card.

You can order a replacement card, either physical or digital whenever you wish. You will be charged the delivery and monthly fees of the physical card as it mentioned in our Pricing list. is not charging you any additional fees for the card replacement.

18. If I decide to stop using my card or delete it, will the subscription fees continue being charged in my account?

The subscription fees will apply as long as the card is activated regardless of its use. Therefore, upon deletion, there will be no fees.

19. Why did I get charged additional fees when I purchased an item through a foreign website with my card?

According to the Terms and Conditions, fees will be applied once using your card to make online purchases in a currency different from the one set in your wallet.

20. What about the fees when I withdraw money? Do you have physical branches where I can withdraw money for free?

Our company operates 24 physical branches, however, it's important to note that they do not facilitate cash withdrawals nor are they equipped with an ATM network. You can use any other bank’s ATM network to withdraw cash from. This is why we are offering the first 3 withdrawals or first 1000€ per calendar month for free. If you need to withdraw more cash during the same calendar month, you will be charged 2% of the transaction amount (with minimum charge of 1€ and maximum charge of 5€).

21. Looking at my sales report, I notice an extra 0,03€ per transaction. Could you please explain why that is?

Given that you’re using our 3DS services for card-not-present transactions, including quick pay links, payment notifications etc., in order to enhance fraud prevention and secure electronic transactions both for you and your customers, please note that there is a one-time fee associated with each service as per the Terms and Conditions.

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