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Updated this week has implemented Oracle OPI (Oracle Payment Interface) to seamlessly integrate with merchants using Oracle Suites. This powerful middleware bridges our terminal App with Oracle Suites, providing top-notch payment processing functionality

What is OPI?

Oracle Payment Interface is a middleware between terminal App and Oracle Suites, providing payment processing functionality

How to integrate OPI

  • Terminal App → Settings → Integrations

  • Enable preferable Oracle Suite

  • Configure IP Address and Port to Oracle’s Workspace

  • Integration is completed


Card terminals and devices supporting terminal App are eligible

How to activate OPI

Merchants can request it by contacting any communication channel

Supported Oracle Suites

  • Oracle Opera for Hospitality:

  • Oracle Micros Symphony for F&B (Coming Soon)

Oracle Opera for Hospitality Transaction Types

  • Pre-Authorization

  • Sales Completion

  • Sales/Purchase

  • Cancelation

  • Reversal

  • Refund

  • Get Token (*)

Get Token transaction type

What is it?

Α transaction type that securely transforms card details into a token

How it works

  • Customer taps or inserts the card on terminal

  • Terminal collects the necessary info and creates a token

  • A confirmation will appear on terminal’s screen

Get Token works for Pre-Authorization and Capture transactions, without requiring the physical presence of the card

Important to Note

  • APMs are not supported for Oracle Hospitality product

  • MO/TO transactions are supported for both Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Food and Beverage (F&B) products

  • “Pay at Table” option is not available yet

  • A terminal App can support only one Oracle Suite

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