| Terminal | Terminal App, Tap to Pay on iPhone

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What is the | Terminal?
How do I activate the | Terminal?
How secure is the | Terminal?
Which devices are compatible with the | Terminal?
What do I have to do to accept payments using the | Terminal?
What is NFC?
Which cards can be charged with the | Terminal?
Is there any charge for using | Terminal?
How do I use the | Terminal to charge a card?
How do I charge/capture/cancel a pre-authorized transaction through | Terminal?
If the transaction amount exceeds the contactless limit of the card, can I use the | Terminal?
I am trying to perform a transaction through the | Terminal, and fails. What's wrong?
How can I send a receipt to a customer for a transaction that has been completed via | Terminal?
What is the commission for the transactions made through the | Terminal?
I already own a Mini Card Reader/Pocket Card Terminal. Can I use it for contactless transactions with | Terminal?
What are offline payments?