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How can I log in to my business account?
How can I log in to my business account?
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How can I sign in to my | Account?

To access your account facilities:

Open the home page in your browser and click on the Login button:

Sign in to

The steps below are common for log in attempt either on Web Banking or Mobile App

  • Enter the registered mobile number (minus the leading zero)

  • Enter the password and click on the Continue button

  • A Push Notification is being sent to an enrolled mobile device.

💡 Useful Information!
You can use an alternative log in method (e.g. SMS OTP) after 19'' have elapsed on this screen.

  • Tap on the notification received on your mobile to view the approval request.

  • Log in to the Mobile app using the mobile phone's biometrics (Face ID/ Touch ID), if enabled.

  • Review the request (Authorize or Reject).

  • Once authorizing the request, you will be logged in to your account.

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