Receipts Options
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In this article, you will find all the necessary info you need about the receipts options in your Ciontek card terminal and/or mobile phone tablets ' | Terminal'.

The Ciontek card terminals are:

  • Ciontek CS30PRO

  • Ciontek CS30PRO with a professional scanner

  • Ciontek CS50C


The Receipts' options include enabling/ disabling options, personalization options, sharing/ sending options, and printing options.

In order to access the Receipts option follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "More" option at the bottom-right of the screen.

    Receipts 1

  2. Select "Receipts".

  3. Select "Enable receipts" to open the rest of the options.

Personalise receipt

How can I change the receipts option?

In the Personalise receipt menu you can select among the below:

  • Show/ Hide business information

  • Business name

  • Trade name

  • Show/ Hide business address

Advanced settings:

  • Show logo

  • Show Business VAT number

  • Show order code barcode

Share or send digital receipts

How can I send or share digital receipts?

In this menu option, you can enable/ disable the device's sending/sharing options.

Android sharing options

This option allows you to share the receipts after the payment transaction is completed successfully using the device's available sharing applications.

SMS or Email

In this menu, you can enable/ disable the option to send the receipt via SMS to your customer's mobile phone or to their email address.

Print receipts

The Print receipts menu allows you to:

  1. View information on the device's internal printer

  2. Select if you always want to print both receipts - merchant and customer

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