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How do I activate the Viva Terminal App?
How do I activate the Viva Terminal App?
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In this article you will find all the necessary information you need to activate the Viva Terminal App on your Android Mobile device.

Download the Viva Terminal App on your device from Google Play Store and click on the respective icon.

There are two ways to activate Viva Terminal App on your Mobile device:

A. Log into your Viva Wallet account

Activation Steps

  1. Choose the first option "Activate with a Viva Wallet account"

  2. Enter your registered mobile number

  3. Type the 6-digit code (OTP), received in your enrolled mobile device

  4. Setup your device (Connect a Mini Card Reader, activate MOTO or QR code functionalities and configure device permissions)

B. Use an activation code

  1. Choose the second option "Activate with a code or app"

  2. Note the code shown on mobile's screen

  3. Link Viva Terminal App with your Viva Wallet account.

    You may follow the steps mentioned here: How do I connect the card terminal to my account? | Viva Wallet Support

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